Tea Flavours Collection

The “Tea Leaves Improvers” have been developed to:

  • Improve the flavour of the dried tea leaves and the colour of their infusion
  • Replace the tea extract used into the liquid beverages

When used on dried tea, the “Tea Leaves Improvers” can be dispersed directly on the leaves with the following objects:

  • Standardization of the dried tea leaves crops
  • Improvement of the dried tea leaves quality (i.e.: aged crops, bad season crops)

When used into the liquid beverages, the “Tea Leaves Improvers” can be added, together the other ingredients, to the beverage syrup, with the following aims:

  • Saving of the beverage cost, reducing the tea extract presents into the recipe
  • Standardization of the beverage colour and the beverage tea flavour

The “Tea Leaves Improvers” are in liquid form and don’t contain tea extract/infusion; their tea flavour top note can be change/modified upon Customer’s request.